About Me

Nancy Homlitas

Proverbs 15:30, NAB

“A cheerful glance brings joy to the heart; good news invigorates the bones.”

Welcome to 5 Second Smiles. I live in northeast Ohio, have always lived in northeast Ohio, and will continue to live in northeast Ohio. Before my husband Michael and I started our family in 1983, I freelanced as a photographer. I provided pictures to many national sports publications and sports related books using my maiden name, Nancy Hogue, for credits. Obviously, the photographs I took were taken before the dawn of digital cameras!

Over the years I worked for a local newspaper as a news correspondent. I also worked as an Emergency Room registrar and a Human Resource secretary. I have three adult children, four grandchildren, two granddogs, six grandchickens, and 8 grandfish, and here I am.

What inspired me to do a Christian humor blog? Well, I thought I’d write a wacky little blog just to share chuckles and be a goof. Then The Mini Miracle happened and I made it my first blog. I felt the event was purposeful and took the baton. My husband always insisted I should have been a nun anyway. So I plan to voice my Christian thoughts through my life experiences in this blog.

The stories and photographs I share are meant to brighten moods, spawn smiles, and convey Christian messages. There’s nothing more hilarious than a true experience, especially in hindsight! And there’s nothing more uplifting than a pleasing picture, particularly if it enhances a story. As a feel-good bonus, blog topics will have relevant Bible verses included.


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